Scarborough Friends' Group

Our Scarborough Friends' Group has 7 members, who do a range of fundraising all year round. They recently finished a partnership with Sainsbury’s Scarborough, raising the most money that has ever been raised in the Charity of the Year partnership with this site.

The group is the heart and soul of Martin House in the area and do a great job of representing us, especially so far from the hospice. They attend events on behalf as well as organising events such as collections themselves.

Some of their most recent fundraising achievements are below:
  • £434.07 in a collection on Sunday 8th December in Westborough
  • £487.58 raised at a Carol Service and Act of Remembrance by B. Bernard & Sons Funeral Directors at Albemarle Baptist Church
  • £779.66 in another collection in Westborough on 14th December
  • £538.46 at their Proudfoots collection on 29th February
To find out more about joining Scarborough Friends, email