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Accumulator Challenge

01 March 2021 - 9:00 AM  |  .

Our Accumulator Challenge is perfect for team building, boosting staff morale, and generating positive PR for your company.

  • Gather your team and register your interest below!
  • Once you're registered, we will be on hand to help with your activity, including Zoom calls to help motivate your team, fundraising ideas and tips sessions from a Martin House Fundraiser, and updates from our Care team on the difference your funds will make.
  • Plan your approach to the Accumulator Challenge.
  • Receive your initial £30 starter fund from Martin House.
  • Set up your fundraising page - if your team or company can match your £30 starter fund on the same day, we'll allow you to start with £60 instead of £30!
  • Accumulate! You've got just 30 days to turn £30 into £3,000 - go go go!

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If you have any questions, email getinvolved@martinhouse.org.uk, or call 01937 844569