This is... Dr. Ross Smith

23 June 2020

Dr. Ross Smith has been a part of our team at Martin House for two years, completing his medical training at Martin House, in partnership with Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Ross has recently accepted a permanent role as a children’s palliative care consultant at our hospice.

Ross worked within the finance sector for seven years, before having a change of heart and opting to go down the medicine route.

“I had a sort of mid-life crisis when I was nowhere near mid-life. I felt I was working to retire. No matter how many people say your job doesn’t define you, I really feel that for me, it does. I’d toyed with medicine a long time before and knew I wanted to help others in some way.”

Alongside Ross’ day-to-day role, he performs a comedy trampoline show which has been featured on CBBC and Britain’s Got Talent and has taken this abroad working at different festivals. He has also hosted comedy magic shows for children.

“I’ve loved working with children through the years, so that certainly motivated the type of medicine I wanted to go into. One of my placements took me to Francis House Children’s Hospice in Manchester and I really fell in love with children’s palliative care there. It’s amazing looking at the holistic side of care; it’s not all about fixing lives, which may not always be possible, it’s about making life better for the children and families who need support.

“At one point, I was slightly scared and wondered if this would be for me, but now I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever, and am so honoured to be able to do this. I was over the moon to be offered the permanent position at Martin House as a consultant as it’s taken me 15 years to get here.

“The team are constantly learning from one another and there is no question that this will continue. The link with specialists in the hospitals we work with is brilliant, too.

“I think one of the most important things about hospice care is that we have the time to listen that isn’t always available in a hospital setting. It’s a total privilege and so humbling to work alongside the magnificent children, young adults and families who need our care.”