Family support

We provide a variety of different ways to help support you and your family.

Support groups

We have a number of support groups that run throughout the year.

Adult and child hands clasped

Spiritual and pastoral care

We place a high value on holistic care, which includes pastoral and spiritual care. We aim to support and respond to the spiritual needs of families, whatever their outlook or belief, whatever their faith or religion.

We work in partnership with local faith representatives so a range of prayers or rituals can be offered. (Sometimes these include christening in the Christian tradition or ceremonial washing in traditions such as Islam or Hinduism, either at the hospice or local place of worship.)

Our chaplain and chapel

We have our own chaplain, who can help with blessings, prayers or rituals around the end of life, and with advice and support in arranging funerals.

We have our own multi-faith chapel, a quiet and welcoming space among the trees in the garden.

Interior of champlain with chairs and decorations
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