Make every Christmas count

‘You never know if the next Christmas is the last one, so you just live it like it's your last.’

Christmas is big for Rachel and Richard Mangan and their family. From decorating the tree to taking her children Jack, Georgia and Josh to see Santa — they love everything about the festive season.

But for Rachel and Richard, they face the reality that each Christmas could be their last with 13-year-old Jack.

Jack was just a baby when he was diagnosed with conditions that mean his brain didn’t grow as it should. He also has severe epileptic seizures which starve his brain of oxygen.

The cause of his condition is unknown, but as a result, Jack is non-verbal and unbalanced, and his development has been severely delayed. 

We are helping Rachel and Richard to make every Christmas count for Jack. 

‘Knowing someone is on the end of the phone whenever you need them, particularly at Christmas, is a big weight off our shoulders.’

This Christmas, we need your support to continue providing vital services. Please donate today.

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