Martin House Research Centre Team

The Martin House Research Centre is a partnership between Martin House Children’s Hospice, the University of York (Department of Health Sciences and the Social Policy Research Unit) and the University of Leed's Academic Unit of Palliative Care.

You can find out more about the people involved in the Martin House Research Centre here.

Centre Management Team

  • Centre Director: Dr Lorna Fraser, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Health Sciences, University of York - 
  • Assistant Director: Professor Bryony Beresford, Professor of Social Policy, Social Policy Research Unit, University of York
  • Dr Susan Picton - Paediatric Oncology Consultant, Leeds Hospital and Medical Director at Martin House Hospice, Wetherby, York
  • Dr Lucy Ziegler - Associate Professor in Palliative Care, University of Leeds

Research Team Members

  • Dr Stuart Jarvis
  • Dr Jo Taylor
  • Dr Julia Hackett
  • Deborah Gibson-Smith
  • Andrew Papworth
  • Jane Maddison
  • Mark O'Neill
  • Victoria Fisher

PhD Students

  • Mary Barker

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