Whitby Lodge

Whitby Lodge is a purpose-built unit for teenagers and young adults, offering them independence and dignity as they move into adulthood.

Whilst staying in the Lodge young people are encouraged to be more independent and be involved in decisions about their daily routine, such as bedtimes, getting up times, meals and mealtimes.


Whitby Lodge has six en suite rooms: five for planned stays and one for emergency stays. All bedrooms are equipped to meet the needs of teenagers and young adults.

Each bedroom has a television and DVD player as well as a guest bed for a friend or sibling - but anyone staying must be over the age of 13. All rooms look out onto the garden or courtyard.

There is one room for parents in the Lodge. Sometimes, when a young person is ill they may want their parents to stay with them.


Inside the Lodge there are different areas in which to enjoy a range of activities. These include a music studio, computer and games area, and a television room. We also have a multimedia recreation centre with a cinema, dance floor and games consoles.

During a stay, there may also be opportunities to enjoy trips out. The cinema and shopping trips are very popular and we like to encourage our young people to try something new!

Meals and Mealtimes

Whitby Lodge has its own kitchen so meals and mealtimes are flexible according to the needs and wishes of the young people staying with us.