Antenatal and neonatal support

​Martin House embraces your physical, emotional, social and spiritual care to provide the highest quality support for you, your baby and your family.


Care at Martin House

At our hospice in Boston Spa, we offer one to one, family-led care, enabling you to care for your baby as you would like, with as much or as little support as you choose.

Our care team provides 24-hour medical cover from nurses and specialist palliative care doctors. We also work closely with local community midwives to enable mums to stay at the hospice and still receive the postnatal care they need.

We offer a home from home environment respecting your privacy as a family. Visitors are welcome at any time. We provide care for the whole family, including brothers and sisters.

We recognise the importance of making lasting memories and help your family to create special mementos of your time together.

We are involved in care planning, including end of life care planning, to ensure that anyone who is looking after your child has clear guidance for symptom management.

Community care

Martin House also offers care and support to families in their own homes or in hospital. This can include:
  • Home visits
  • Regular care (including symptom control on the ward or at home)
  • End of life care

Spiritual and pastoral Care

Martin House places a high value on holistic care, which includes pastoral and spiritual care. We aim to support and respond to the spiritual needs of families, whatever their outlook or belief, whatever their faith or religion.

The hospice has its own chaplain, who can help with blessings, prayers or rituals around the end of life, and with advice and support in arranging funerals.

We work in partnership with local faith representatives, so that a range of prayers or rituals can be offered. (Sometimes these include christening in the Christian tradition or ceremonial washing in traditions such as Islam or Hinduism, either at the hospice or local place of worship.)

We have our own multi-faith chapel, a quiet and welcoming space among the trees in the garden.


After your baby has died

We have specialist cooled bedrooms as well as a "cuddle-cot" with a cooled mattress. After your baby has died, you and your baby can stay at the hospice  and receive as much or as little support from our team as you need.

We offer bereavement support to all families following the death of their child. Please see 
bereavement support for more information. Even if you decide that hospice care is not right for you, our bereavement team can still offer support in the form of our community bereavement service.