Trusts and grants

Grant making Trusts and Foundations across the UK are an invaluable source of funding towards the sustainability of our services. The children, young people and their families have benefited from the support of over 300 trusts, large and small.

Martin House seeks further support from Trusts and Foundations to help us meet our target this year of £8 million towards our running costs.

Your support can help us to:

  • Fund a specific project

  • Purchase medical equipment.

  • Refurbish a room in either Martin House or Whitby Lodge.

  • Replace domestic appliances and equipment

  • Provide ‘treats’ and outings for the children and young people whilst they are staying with us.

  • Purchase specialised musical/play equipment.

  • Fund our ongoing ‘bereaved sibling’ project.

  • Cover the salary of Nurse or Art/ Music Therapist

  • Meet our ultimate goal – ensuring that all the children, young people and their families can continue to share love and laughter, even in these most distressing circumstances‚Äč

If you are involved with or have contacts in a Trust or Foundation that you think could be beneficial to Martin House, please contact Polly Hale, Trust Fundraiser.