Lottery Results


Results for Monday 29th June 2020

The total number included in this weeks draw was 6179.
£1,000                    8177
£100                       24340
£10                         28690

Due to Covid-19, we are currently paying all winnings via Bacs. If you are lucky enough to win, we will be giving you a call to confirm your bank details to allow us to pay your winnings. If we are unable to speak with you, we will send an email to confirm your winnings and the next steps. We will be giving 3 call attempts before emailing you. You can also call or email us using the details below to confirm your details.

If you do win one of our prizes, we would love to hear your story. Please get in touch with us at or call 01937 844569.


The next draw will be on Friday 3rd July 2020.