Jenny Wilkinson

Martin House has been a huge part of Jenny's life, right back from when it was just a dream.  Their lives had been shattered some time earlier when her then five-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy – a degenerative disorder for which there was no cure.
"We were one of the first families to use Martin House, albeit for only 4 months before she died there.  The care, love and support we received from our Care Team still gives me a lovely warm feeling.  Martin House is part of me."

Jenny can be found, with the volunteer gardeners, in the garden every Wednesday, helping to maintain the site and keep it a beautiful and peaceful place for the families to use.  Jenny was so proud, when in 2000, she was asked to become a trustee and given the opportunity to “put something back” - to be part of a team that helps guide Martin House forward, to embrace new ideas whilst still maintaining the basic ethos of listening to, and putting families and children's needs first.