How your partnership helps

A partnership with us is just that — a partnership.

We appreciate how hard companies are working in the current climate, so we have created a variety of initiatives that can easily be rolled out within your workplace or remotely to boost team morale, engage the team and fit your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

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Our goal is to have just as big an impact on you as our partner, as you have on us. A partnership with us can:

  • inform your team of the hospice care available in North, East and West Yorkshire for babies, children and young people with a life limiting condition and what this means for families
  • help create a workforce who are aware and knowledgeable of the struggles facing families in Yorkshire
  • offer an opportunity outside your employees’ regular work tasks to feel good about themselves and their team supporting a local charity
  • generate positive publicity and social media opportunities for your business and team
  • help team-building within the team and different departments within your business, uniting them with an emotive common goal
  • connect you with other local businesses who are making a difference
  • attract new customers whilst showing the community that you care about causes that matter to them
  • provide you with content and relevant case studies to include in your internal and external publications
  • help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and business strategic goals
  • help offer your team personal and professional development opportunities.

Your financial impact

Only 11% of our donations are covered by statutory funding. As well as helping us raise awareness, volunteering, offering pro bono work, your financial donations are very gratefully received.

  • £500 will pay for video consultations for five families with a child requiring urgent symptom control. This support in-house, negates the need for a GP appointment or hospital admission, alleviating current pressure on our NHS.
  • £1,000 will pay for seven days of counselling and emotional support given by a qualified counsellor for families at a time of heightened anxiety and worry.
  • £7,000 will fund two of our Clinical Nurse Specialists for one month who will work with families in the community assessing and treating their symptoms to reduce the burden on our NHS.
  • £12,000 will enable us to provide end-of-life care for a baby, child or young person. It would allow the family to spend those last few moments with their loved one.
  • £25,000 could pay to run the hospice for 24 hours, giving children and young people, and their families, vital care and support
  • £44,000 could pay for a nurse for one year to provide specialist care and support to children and young people at the hospice

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