Rotary partnership announced

We are happy to announce a partnership with Rotary

There was a challenge.

Children with complex, life-limiting conditions are eligible to receive transport to Martin House in an ambulance or patient transfer vehicle, but only one member of the family can go with them.

This leaves the rest of the family to get there of their own accord.

Public transport to Martin House in Boston Spa is extremely limited, and increasingly families are unable to afford their own cars and cannot afford to pay for a taxi to Boston Spa. Families are advised to see their GP to request transport for the family to Martin House. However GPs are unable now to provide this service due to a lack of resources.


We are excited to announce that Rotary District 1040 rose to this challenge, and has partnered with Martin House Children’s Hospice to provide transport for parents and siblings!

Rotary District 1040 will provide volunteer drivers across the region. They will provide transport for parents and siblings who wish to accompany their child to Martin House, who previously were unable to do so.

This partnership enables Martin House to support more children and families, in particular in the areas furthest from the Hospice.


We are extremely grateful to Rotary, they have enabled us to provide a hugely vital service, which will help us to keep families together.

To help us support this service we’d be grateful for any donations.

Please donate below, thank you.


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