The Butterfly and The Bird

What is The Butterfly and The Bird?

The Butterfly and The Bird is a unique piece of art celebrating 30 years of hospice care for children and young people across West, North and East Yorkshire.

The artwork has two component parts, which can be used together or separately.


The Inflatable

A mobile art gallery, a storytelling place, a creative space, a performance area, a den. A hugely flexible space we can use in any number of ways, both with our children and young people, and out in the community.

The inflatable sculpture is a five-meter diameter Spacepod, created by Spacecadets Air Design of Todmorden, which can be inflated in minutes and then packed away.

It has three wheelchair accessible entrances and features a projection area inside, along with eyelets and pockets which can be used in many ways, from hanging up pieces of art to decorating it with lights.

It is decorated outside with butterflies created from footprints and birds drawn by our children.

We also have an inflatable snake, an existing creation from Spacecadets, which can be hung up around the inside, placed around wheelchairs or draped over laps as a tactile, sensory experience for our children.


The Animation

A mesmerising kaleidoscope of colours, a butterfly in flight in a perpetually changing rainbow.

Created from the individual work of 300 children, each butterfly is a unique piece of art which combine to create a seamless animation, which can be projected inside the inflatable or elsewhere.



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