Design Stages

Workshops began in May 2017 at Martin House, where a group of our children and young people, and their families, worked with artist Sarah Jane Palmer and the Martin House team to develop the overall concept of the inflatable sculpture.

In a day of activities and music, youngsters put their creative stamp on templates of the basic inflatable dome, which would be decorated with butterflies and birds.

We used the footprints of some of our children and young people to create butterflies to go on the sculpture, and discussed how they wanted the space to be used.

In the following weeks Sarah and our community fundraisers held workshops at nine schools from our region where pupils learned more about Martin House before contributing to an animation of a butterfly.

Around 300 pupils each coloured and decorated a butterfly outline which Sarah had designed, which she then photographed to create one seamless animation of a butterfly in flight, which could be projected inside the inflatable.

In addition, Sarah created an animation of the butterfly created by each school for them to keep, while the children could keep their own individual artwork.

Finally, Sarah came up with the final design of the inflatable dome, based on the input of the workshop at Martin House, which was then built by Spacecadets Air Design of Todmorden.

Thank you to our participating schools:

Adel Primary School, Leeds
Bramcote Junior School, Scarborough
Clifton Green Primary School, York
Eldwick Primary School, Bingley
Farnham Primary School, Bradford
Fieldhead Carr Primary School, Leeds
Grassington Primary School, Grassington
Oldfleet Primary School, Hull
Wigton Moor Primary School, Leeds

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