Light Up a Life

As the year draws to a close, we often remember loved ones who are no longer with us, or pause to appreciate the special people in our lives. With a Light up a Life dedication, you can celebrate a life whilst making a difference to Martin House children and young people, and their families, in the year ahead. The website page will remain live until the end of January 2018.

Remember and make a Light Up A Life dedication today

This simple act of remembrance will help share their memory and help support Martin House families in the year to come.

Dedication in Memory ofDanny King

My beautiful boy , miss you so much . Shine bright xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofDaisy Booth

Always on my mind, forever in my heart.
We love and miss you so much Daisy xxx

Dedication in Memory ofWilliam Fradley-Clarke

William, our brave little warrior. Mummy and Daddy are very very proud of you and love you always xxx

Dedication in Memory ofAndrew Robb

In memory of our dear son Andrew who died at Martin House in 1987
We love and miss you every day
The pain and the grief never go away
At night we look for the brightest star
Believing Andrew that’s where you are
Love Mum and Dad xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofJoyce & Cyril Robb

In memory of Mum and Dad Robb Reunited again but deeply missed Love Irene and David xx

Dedication in Memory ofWinifred & Sydney Newman

In memory of Mum and Dad Newman Reunited again but deeply missed Love Irene and David xx

Dedication in Memory ofThomas Brame

for our unique little boy Thomas xx

Dedication in Memory ofRufus Dimelow

In memory of our beautiful nephew Rufus, thinking of you on your birthday and every day.

Dedication in Memory ofFinlay John Hulson

Always loved and talked about by Mummy, Daddy and Coral xx

Dedication in Memory ofSamuel Joseph Asquith

Loved and remembered everyday. Our beautiful son gone to soon 5 months old 3.12.02- 2.5.03

Dedication in Memory ofRory Welsh

In memory of Rory, my beautiful, intelligent unique grandson. Rory, you had such a short life, but you touched everyone who met you. You live on in my heart, and will always be my beloved, precious grandson.

Dedication in Memory ofMildred Butterworth, Ronnie Butterworth and Patrick Parkinson

In memory of a much loved Mum, Dad, and Husband - I miss you all so much

Dedication in Memory ofKathleen Cooper and Dennis Cooper

Miss you both millions, love always Sam, Andy & Mattie xxx

Dedication in Memory ofGeorge Edward Knight

Forever in our hearts xx

Dedication in Memory ofLuey Jacob Sharp

In memory of Luey Jacob Born 27th October 2011 Taken to the angels 29th October 2011 XXXXXX

Dedication in Memory ofSimon Perry

Always in our thoughts.

Dedication in Memory ofGiorgina Grace Liddell

Our beautiful granddaughter xxx

Dedication in Memory ofHarrison James Phillips

All our love now and forever. Auntie Lindsey, Leoni-Leigh & Elijah-Bleu x

Dedication in Memory ofLuey Jacob Sharp

Always in our thoughts gorgeous boy love nanan and grandad Sharp. Xx

Dedication in Memory ofBrooke leigh Mitchell

Sleep tight my beautiful angel, I miss you every minute of every day, your heartbroken nanan 💔 Xxx

Dedication in Memory ofVictoria Morgan

Missing our beautiful Daughter Victoria

Dedication in Memory ofOscar Denby and Jacob Denby

In memory of our son, Oscar, who passed away at Martin House last year and his big brother Jacob who was born sleeping 23-04-2015. Both loved, missed and remembered every day. Lots of love mummy, daddy and baby bro Rex xxxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofEvie Edwards

Born sleeping 04-11-2017. Mummy and daddy will always love you. Forever in our hearts xxxxxxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofElla Salter

Shine bright and breathe easy now beautiful girl, love and miss you always Megan xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofMolly Newton and Marion Morton

Loved and missed always

Dedication in Memory ofIan hargreaves

on behalf of Andy and Chris Simpson at Fastsigns Leeds

Dedication in Memory ofHannah Katie Burgess

Remembering our beautiful daughter her heart warming smile and wonderful sense of humour are forever in our hearts miss you so much. Lots of love Dad and brother Ollie xxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofDion Jolaoso

To my beautiful boy Dion... Forever in our hearts Love Mummy xxx

Dedication in Memory ofJudi Lurie

Always in our thoughts and missing you everyday. Love from Dom, Caroline, Holly and Maddie

Dedication in Memory ofRory Welsh

Always remembered Love A&B x

Dedication in Memory ofGeorge Christofides, Dorothy Christofides and Michael Christofides

Always in our hearts

Dedication in Memory ofKathleen Wilkinson

Remembered always

Dedication in Memory ofDennis Blakeley

Remembered always

Dedication in Memory ofSheila Hind and Clare Hind

Missing you both

Dedication in Memory ofLewis Lightowler, Harry Lightowler and Isaac Ward

please can i have three seperate dedication cards sending. The one for lewis is in memory of and the other two are just someone special. Thank you.

Dedication in Memory ofJohn Davis and John Paul William Davis

In our hearts you will always stay. Loved and missed every day. With much love Jenny and Sharon. XX😇💕


Dedication in Memory ofBaby Beesley

Shine bright, my little star. Lots of love from Mommy, the Nannies, Aiden, and Sid xxx

Dedication in Memory ofHarley Marshall-Hughes

Our special little man, our angel; too special for this world. The brightest star shining above us. Forever missed. Loved always xx

Dedication in Memory ofKirsty Seeber

In memory of our special little girl

Dedication in Memory ofAnnie Wilmot and Leonard Wilmot

In memory of wonderful parents, still sadly missded

Dedication in Memory ofSusan Gilmore (nee Openshaw)

Thinking of my lovely Mum who I miss very much. 

Dedication in Memory ofEmil Sebastian Ugarte

No Christmas cards to send you And no presents can we give Except this love within our hearts For as long as we both live xx

Dedication in Memory ofScott Eley

Miss you every day, love you always xxxX

Dedication in Memory ofTimothy LLoyd Wray

Missing you always. You are forever in our hearts. Love Nanny Anne and Grandad Stu xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofJohn Lister, Marjorie Lister and Anne Perigo

In loving memory of my parents and sister

Dedication in Memory ofJack Shuttleworth

Brave to the end, now a butterfly free, never to be forgotten

Dedication in Memory ofHarry Flatt

To our darling Harry , We miss you so very much you may be gone from our life but never from our heart ....we will look for the brightest star in the sky and will see you shining like the star that you are .Always loved,never forgotten,forever Aunty Helen Uncle Sean xx

Dedication in Memory ofLaila Milly McCormack

In memory of our darling Laila who spent time at Martin House. We miss you every day sweetheart. You will always be our sunshine on a cloudy day and the brightest star at night. Love mummy, daddy and Reuben xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofVictoria Louise Morgan , Keith Freeman and Ann Lindsey

3 very special people that are loved and always in our hearts

Dedication in Memory ofBeryl Ayling, James Burgess and Martin Burgess

Remembering our Mum, Dad and Brother always in our thoughts xxx

Dedication in Memory ofKim Smart, Tania Lewis and Shea Lewis

Remembering Kim, Tania and Shea three young people who were taken from us so early in life always in our hearts always missed by so many xxx

Dedication in Memory ofCharlie Craig and Evie Cooper

To our lovely 15 year old son charlie , we miss and love you always .We hope that you are with your cousin evie .Love and miss you both every minute of every mum dad and thomas xxxxxxx



Dedication in Memory ofOrla River Dean

 In memory of our beautiful angel granddaughter, Orla River Dean. Your spirit lives within us and, although we miss our little fighter every day, we keep you alive in our memories. Love Granny and Gramps Dean xxx

Dedication in Memory ofOrla River Dean

In memory of my beautiful great granddaughter, Orla River Dean. You touched my life for too short a time, but remain in my heart forever. Love Great Nana Holdsworth xxx

Dedication in Memory ofEric Murgatroyd and Kathleen Murgatroyd

Please accept this as a Gift Aid donation. Thank you. A single dedication card in memory of Eric & Kathleen would be appreciated.

Dedication in Memory ofScott Robinson

Remembering our precious Son we miss you every day xx

Dedication in Memory ofThomas Daniel Mark Hudson

Happy Christmas lots of love and kisses Love Mummy & Daddy Xxxxxxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofGracie May Witter

Our gorgeous Gracie May, we miss and love you always, all our love and kisses, Mummy, Daddy, Tom and Eleanor xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofWilliam Fradley-Clarke

We love you lots our brave little warrior. Love mummy and daddy xxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofMarc Burke

Love and miss you everyday. Always in my heart, love from your little sister sister xxxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofJordan Ellam

Remembering our precious son Jordan XX Forever 9 XX

Dedication in Memory ofNicola Johnny, Angus Connie and Bruce Hall

For Ethan James Dix, our nephew and cousin. A little star who shines so very bright. Missed and loved everyday xxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofKeith Smith

Remembering a special grandpa and making this donation in leu of a 30th birthday gift for Harriet Holman on behalf of Daniel Ellis

Dedication in Memory ofColin Jepson

Remembering a much loved and sadly missed Grandad and great grandad.

Dedication in Memory ofHarry Hitchens and Cath Dunne

We miss you and love you to the moon and back - our beautiful Harry with Nanna until we meet again, love mummy, daddy, Grace and Emily xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofGrace Whiting

Beautiful Princess Grace - forever in our hearts though we miss you so much. Keep shining bright! Lots of love Charly and your BFF Leia xxx

Dedication in Memory ofADRIAN ROBERT BROWN


Dedication in Memory ofAdam Watt

Always our little boy Barbara, David & Matthew

Dedication in Memory ofAlbert Tindale

Its 20 years now since we lost you yet there isn't a day that passes without you being in our thoughts hearts and minds. We only have to look at our Tracey and her lot to see you passed your dimples on to them! You will be loved always, missed forever but forgotten,never. From all your loving family

Dedication in Memory ofMalcolm Tradewell

Dedication in Memory ofThomas Daniel Mark HudsonM

Merry Christmas Thomas Lots of love from Nannie and Grandad Xxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofJack William Brayshaw

Dear Jack you are always in our hearts. Love you forever Mum & Dad xxxxxxxxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofJack William Brayshaw

Always in my heart Jack Love Grandma xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofEmilia Grace Clarke

We love and miss you everyday Emilia. Forever part of our hearts, forever making a difference in every day of our life. Thank you for watching over us, our guardian angel. All our love this Christmas and always. Love from Mummy, Daddy, Olivia & James xxx

Dedication in Memory ofGeorgia Mae Bickers, Rebecca Ann Dinsdale and George Ratchford

I hope uncle George is looking after you two young ladies love and miss you always and forever xxxx

Dedication in Memory ofKaris Mia Longbottom

Thinking of my Little angel Karis Mia up in heaven at this special time and are having a lovely time with all the other little angels. Always in my heart we all miss you and are never out of our thoughts Big Hug and Kisses from all of us xxxs

Dedication in Memory ofMuriel Watkinson

Miss you and love you lots, think of you always, always in my thoughts,never forgotten, another Christmas passes without you sharing our family fun. My light up light for Christmas is dedicated to you. X

Dedication in Memory ofMargaret Clark

Dedication in Memory ofBarbara Kirby and Margaret Clapham

Miss you everyday

Dedication in Memory ofDarcey Chapman

Happy Christmas to my niece Darcey Chapman who passed away at Martin House on 23rd April 2015.

Dedication in Memory ofPeter Houldsworth

Thinking of you at Christmas. Love from Diane, Luke and Charlotte.

Dedication in Memory ofStephanie Hosany

Lots of love, Auntie Elinor and Uncle Mark

Dedication in Memory ofEvie Cooper and Charlie Craig

Dear Evie and Charlie, we miss you both more and more everyday, but are thankful for all the love you have given us and continue to do so, Christmas will be sad without you both here, but know we are all with you both always. Cuddle each other and send us fairy dust and kisses! mummy and daddy x

Dedication in Memory ofTom Gibson

We miss you in our life everyday but always carry you in our thoughts and heart. Sweet dreams. Lots of love and kisses, Mummy, Daddy, Ben, Josh and Charlie xxxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofTennent Goodlet

Dedication in Memory ofJustin Edward Jones

Loving you always my darling son, Justin Your devoted Mum x x x

Dedication in Memory ofTheresa Ashworth and Rose Ashworth

In memory of my beautiful sister and mother, for whom Martin House meant so much ........... thank you for all your love. Remembering our times at Martin House. Your loving sister and daughter. xxxxx

Dedication in Memory ofJosh Verney

Miss you every day little man. Be free and shine bright. With lots of love from Mummy, Daddy, Amy and Isla xx

Dedication in Memory ofDominic Trigg, Harry Pounder and Nick Mercer

Dedication in Memory ofMary Wilson, Alan Wilson and Anne Rowntree

Remembering you all with very special memories xxx

Dedication in Memory ofAlex John Clayton

Forever in our hearts.

Dedication in Memory ofPaul Anthony Scott

Our very special son-in-law.
We miss you.
Forever in our hearts.
Our love as always,
Barbara and Alan xxx

Dedication in Memory ofChristopher Ainge, Trevor Ellis and Enid and Alan Davis

Dedication in Memory ofGrace Warden-McVeigh

Gracie, our little, sparkling star. You fill our hearts & light up our lives every single day. You will be right by our sides when we see what Santa has brought on Christmas day: there will be a special package for you! Keep smiling sweetheart. Loving you always, Mummy, Daddy & all your family xxx

Dedication in Memory ofHenry James Crampton

Dedication in Memory ofAlbert and Joan Hollings

Thinking of you both at this time of year. 

Dedication in Memory ofElaine Crossley

First Christmas without Elaine, a much-loved wife, Mum and Grandma. Grateful for fond memories of her visiting Martin House with granddaughter Emily. She saw for herself what a special place it is.

Dedication in Memory ofBarbara Wilson, Kathleen Wilson and Arthur Wilson

So deeply loved and missed. Can't believe you have all left me - I will try and make you proud and carry on the family legacy. Barbara - you went far too soon and I miss you so much. You were my angel and truly the best sister in the world. The love will never die. Your loving sister Pippa

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Our Light up a Life services offer a selection of carols and readings, and include time for
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Tuesday 5th December at 7.00pm – St Mary’s Church, Boston Spa
Wednesday 6th December at 7.00pm – Holy Trinity Church, Skipton


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