Information for Professionals

With the right resources and support to draw upon, the quality of life for children and young people with life-limiting conditions and their families can be enhanced. Martin House aims to achieve this by adopting a holistic approach to care and providing support to the whole family.

Palliative care planning should begin around the stage of diagnosis and continue for a number of years in order to meet the continually changing needs of the child and family.

Martin House takes referrals for children with life-limiting conditions up to the age of 19 years and supports them up to the age of 30. We currently support families in
West, North and East Yorkshire. 

Anyone can refer a family for support but if a professional is doing this on behalf of a family, the family must give their consent.

For more information on how Martin House can support children and families with a life-limiting illness, please see our information booklet for professionals.