Bereavement Support

We offer bereavement support to all families following the death of their child. Support is tailored to the family's needs and can take place at the hospice or in the family's own home. 

Martin House can offer a space for your child to be looked after for up to five days after their death, and also for you, as parents, to stay as well. Your child is usually cared for in one of our dedicated, cooled bedrooms, or in a bedroom using a specially cooled cot or blanket. 

Our Bereavement Team

During the first few weeks following your bereavement someone from your contact group or another member of the care team will continue to be in contact with you by telephone.

We have a bereavement team who have dedicated time to offer support to you. A member of the team will contact you four to six weeks following your child's death to introduce themselves and your bereavement support options.

Bereavement Visitor

The death of your child is an overwhelming experience. It will be one of the most difficult experiences that you have had. We can offer support in a variety of ways. 
Every family is offered the services of a bereavement visitor. The bereavement visitor works both on the care team and the bereavement team. They are trained to listen and support but is not a counsellor.  

Parents are offered support by home visits or telephone calls or a combination of both. The contact is 4-6 weekly but we will try to be flexible in meeting your needs.

“I can be in a room full of relatives and yet feel alone and as if I have no one to talk to. I can tell you anything and that is very helpful.”

Support for Siblings

Children's grief following the death of a brother or sister often expresses itself differently to that of their parents and other adults. They do not always have the words to express their feelings and often 'dip' in and out of their grief.

We recognise that it can be difficult for parents to return to Martin House and leave their children with us, even for a short time, and understand that it may stir up some painful and uncomfortable feelings. Our experience has shown us that it can be very helpful for children to have the opportunity to be in a safe and supportive environment, with other children whose brother or sister has died.

We have two groups for siblings: our sMARTINies group for children aged 4 - 14 who have been recently bereaved, and our Time4Us2 group for children who have been bereaved in the past six months.

Remembrance Day

Every year in October we have a special day of remembrance to which we invite families who have been bereaved in the past two years.

During the morning we have a short service which allows families a special time to reflect and remember with each other and the Martin House staff.

After a delicious buffet lunch there are opportunities to chat and revisit the House, Lodge and gardens. There is a creche available for the children and games are organised.