Upcoming Training Events

Our new professional study days have been designed specifically for health, social care and education professionals to provide regular opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in meeting the needs of children and young people with life limiting conditions, and their families.
In addition to outlining the services offered by Martin House, professionals will be able to attend workshops, introducing professional development to our open days.  

Symptom Control and Palliative Care at Home

Providing dynamic symptom control and palliative care at home: why multiagency care matters
The topic for this workshop is symptom control and palliative care at home, which aims to develop professional’s understanding of how multiagency, interdisciplinary care at home can benefit children and families who wish to be cared for at home. 

The day will include sessions of case studies, detailing effective care provision, the role of the general practitioner, rapid discharge from hospital, and the role of the children’s hospice when families chose to remain at home.

There will also be opportunity for a tour of Martin House, and to discuss the care services we offer, including education, development and training provision, with our staff.
Learning outcomes:
The workshops will enable professionals to understand:
  • the options available to families in terms of choice in place of care.
  • the discharge planning process form hospital to home.
  • the role of the GP, and how to work with GPs when caring for children at home.
  • how children’s hospice care can complement other services involved in caring for children at home.
  • Support available to children and families that complements clinical care, including music, and art and complementary therapies.
 In addition, professionals will have the opportunity to:
  • network with a range of professionals from across the region who are involved in providing palliative care to children and young people.
  • discuss challenges they have faced in practice, and seek solutions from others in attendance.
  • Have a look around Martin House and Whitby Lodge, and the services we provide.
Who should attend?
Our professional study days are designed for any professional involved in caring for neonates, children and young people with palliative care needs, including nurses, doctors, social workers, teachers, health visitors, school nurses, GPs.  If you work with children, you’re welcome to attend. 
How to book
To register online for our workshop on 8th October please click here. Alternatively, please email education@martinhouse.org.uk or telephone Claudine Heffernan, Education Administrator on 01937 845045.
Contact Michael Tatterton, Consultant Nurse, or Caroline Brennan or Sarah Cockcroft, Practice Educators on 01937 845045.