24 Video Game-a-thon Player Profiles

The following players are taking part in the Game-a-thon:

Ben Scaum
I enjoy gaming and always have. I see no downside to helping people by doing what comes naturally to me. I am lucky and fortunate to be in the position to help people and I would hope if I were the one in need then people would try their best to help me.
The event will be live streamed here

Gavin Foster
I am taking on this challenge because it is for a good cause and it gives me an excuse to play a game for 24 hours without my other half complaining! Above all else, it’s for charity, for those affected by illnesses and such from birth. After being born with part of my lungs been underdeveloped, I can fully understand how hard it can be for parents coping at difficult times and without this charity, I’m not sure how many families would be able to cope during the difficult times.

https://www.twitch.tv/events/JIZ63eMHR_GNRb2XIurCbg - For the event
https://www.twitch.tv/klonoa240 - for my channel

James Suddes
I'm taking part to ensure my hobby can make a difference to those in need.
The event will be live streamed here
Matt Stanley 
The reason why I’m taking part in this marathon is because of the stories I’ve read on the website and I wish to make children live’s a little easier. 

Bailey Greaves 
I was shown this event by a co-worker of mine and this type of event is right up my street as there’s nothing I like to do better than sitting down and playing video games for hours at a time.

Luke Rahman
I am raising money in honour of my partner's brother who sadly passed away at the age of 9. The lovely people at Martin House provided support for her family and I know how much Martin House means to her, and therefore me, too.