Planning your stay

Whether you are coming to stay in Martin House or Whitby Lodge the booking system works in the same way.  
We stagger admission times, avoiding clusters of families arriving at the same time, and have bookable slots at 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. Discharge times are 1pm Monday to Saturday and 2pm on a Sunday.

Planned Stays

This type of stay is most common and you will receive confirmation of these dates by post or email.  We want to enable families to have choice in when they would like to stay, but due to demand this will not always be possible, particularly at weekends or in school holidays. Please let us know if you can be flexible. In between visits to the hospice, we maintain contact with you. As everyone’s needs are different, we do not allocate a specific amount of nights per year but, if you choose to stay, you can expect to have 3-4 short visits per year.
You can book another planned stay by:
  • Asking for one at the end of the stay
  • Discussing the stay when we phone you
  • Emailing us at (not 24 hours)
  • Contacting Martin House directly on
    • 01937 844836 (Martin House) 24 hours
    • 01937 849529 (Whitby Lodge)

Symptom Control

Sometimes your child may have new symptoms or symptoms may not be as well controlled as before.  At this time it may be appropriate for your child to come to Martin House.  Your GP or Consultant can discuss this with us.  We do have emergency beds for this purpose.  At times your child may be able to come here from hospital.  If your consultant feels that this is appropriate, the ward can ring and discuss this with us. 

Emergency Stays

Occasionally there may be a family emergency and you may need some help to care for your child.  If you feel we can help in an emergency please call us.

End of Life Stays

Some families choose to use Martin House at the end of their child’s life.  This can be arranged by your GP, community nurse, Consultant or yourself.

Our Cooled Bedrooms

We have special cooled bedrooms at Martin House and in Whitby Lodge for families who wish to stay at the hospice following the death of their child.  We can offer support at this time and offer help with funeral arrangements.

At certain times during the year we close to all but emergencies to enable the team to undertake staff training to enhance their knowledge and skills base.