Regular giving

Your regular gift allows us to provide long-term care for families across the region, families like Jim's. 

"My daughters, Tia and Lily, both have complex needs, this means that at nighttime the machines they are connected to bleep through the night. The machines can be going off three or four times a night, maybe ten or twenty times a night.  Even though you might grab half an hour's sleep here or there, during the night you might only get a few minutes constant sleep which has an impact on your ability to function. 

Coming to Martin House, we have the luxury of being able to hand the care of our daughters over to the care team and we can go to bed to get a good night's sleep, knowing that the girls are being cared for. Until we'd done it, we didn't realise what a difference that really makes."

By setting up a direct debit, and providing us with a regular donation across the year, you will help us to provide weeks, months and years of support for children and young people, like Tia and Lily, with life-shortening illnesses. Your regular support also provides a dependable, sustainable income that means we can plan for the future. 

Talk to a member of our fundraising team about setting up a regular gift. Call 01937 844569 or email