When is Make a Will Month?

Throughout May.

Do I need to leave a gift in my will or give a donation to use the service?

No, while a leaving a gift in your will or a donation is appreciated it is not required for you to use the free will service.

Can I write my own will?

We recommend that you only write a will through a qualified solicitor or a member of the institute of professional will writers. If you make any errors doing it yourself, it can void your will, which may be stressful for your loved ones.

What happens if I die without a will? 

Dying without an up-to-date will is known as ‘intestacy’. This means the law will decide what happens to your estate and how it is distributed which may not reflect your wishes.

Is a gift to Martin House subject to inheritance tax?

A gift to us would be taken out of your estate before your liability for inheritance tax is calculated. Some people see this as a useful way to bring their estate under the threshold for inheritance tax. Your solicitor can advise you more on this.

Should I inform Martin House if I decide to leave a gift in my will?

Your will is private. It is your choice as to whether you inform us of any gift you have left. However if you do choose to inform us, then we can do more to show you how your gift could help Martin House.

How do I book an appointment to make a will?

Once you have chosen the solicitor you would like to make your will with, please contact them direct to book your appointment. Their chosen contact method is on our website.

What kind of gift can I leave in my will?

There are three types of gifts that you can leave in a will. Your solicitor can give you more advice and information.

A Residuary Gift

This is a share of your total estate (everything you own that is of value) after all other payments (such as lifetime debts, tax and admin expense) have been deducted. Because a residuary gift is a percentage of your estate, it will keep its value over time.

A Pecuniary Gift

A pecuniary gift is a fixed amount of money that you leave in your will. It is a good idea to review pecuniary gifts regularly, as their face value can be lessened by inflation and turn out to be less powerful than you may intend.

A Specific Gift

A specific gift is when you leave a particular item of value, such as personal possessions, property or shares.