Regional Fundraising

Fundraising in the community is a huge source of support for Martin House and comes from all sectors of the community in a huge variety of ways. Schools, colleges and universities organise events either as small groups of students, individual classes or whole schools. Your sports or social club could get involved or your Lions or Rotary Club might be able to help us. However you choose to fundraise for Martin House, and whoever you choose to do this with, the money you raise helps babies, children and young people living with life-shortening conditions across West, North and East Yorkshire. 

Friends' Groups

Our Friends' Groups offer us vital fundraising support across the region. Find out about how you can get involved with your local Martin House Friends' Group today. 

Community Clubs and Groups

Could your sports team or community group help Martin House in some way? Find out more about how you can get involved now!

Schools, Colleges and Universities 

Could your school, college or university hold a fundraiser for Martin House? Young supporters are a huge asset to our support, and shows an example of how young people can help other children and young people in their community. We'd love your support!