Organise Your Own Event

We rely on the support of individuals and groups in the community to help raise the funds we need. You don't need any special talents or skills to fundraise, only a desire to make a difference.

If you are thinking about organising your own event, or are already busy planning, be sure to let our team know so that we can help you reach your fundraising goal. You can contact the team on 01937 844569 or fill in the form below and a member of the team will get back to you.

Download our fundraising guide
Download our 'What your money could buy' poster

Download our sponsorship form

You can produce your own poster using our handy template. Click here for details.

You can also add your own event to our website under 'Community events'. Click here for details.

Fundraising Materials

We have a range of promotional literature and merchandise to help make your event or fundraising efforts as successful as possible.  From t-shirts to tablecloths, buckets to banners, we can help you to let everyone know who you are fundraising for! 

Top Fundraising Tips

1. Keep your ideas simple
2. Set yourself a goal
3. Work out if there are any costs to you
4. Set up an online fundraising page at or
5. Contact everyone you know 
6. Ask friends and family to help
7. Publicise your event either with posters or via social media
8. Take your sponsorship form everywhere you go
9. Ask at your place of work if they will match fund your donations
10. Don't forget to ask us for help! 

Tell us about your fundraising event