Snak Appeal

Snak Appeal is raising around £30,000 each year for Martin House.

The sweets are varied and delicious and include old favourites like wine gums, eclairs, jelly babies, dolly mixtures, liquorice allsorts, chocolate peanuts and many more, with new products introduced regularly.

As well as the traditional sweets we also include luxury sweets such as yoghurt coated honeycomb, chocolate brazils and chocolate coated popcorn. Not to mention cheese baguettes, and nuts 'n' raisins.
You can opt for a standard mix or choose your own selection.

If you would like a box of delicious treats in your workplace, please contact:

Claire (West Yorkshire, above the M62]
07789 714976

Julian (West Yorkshire, below the M62)
07790 978352

Could you work with delicious sweets?

There is a self-employed position available to deliver the Snak Appeal range of sweets and snacks to existing customers and supporters in the York area. 
This is a franchise arrangement, and you will earn some money for yourself, but importantly Martin House will benefit from the royalties you generate. This is a post external to Martin House and we only benefit from the proceeds.

You need: A bit of start-up money, a car and a computer.

We need: Someone who is friendly and a great advocate for Martin House.

More information about how to become a franchisee can be found at For an informal chat, speak to our fundraising office on 01937 844569.