Charity Partner

Could your company adopt Martin House as your charity partner?

Regardless of the size of your business, or the level of commitment you are able to give, we can work together and make a difference. 

You might be planning a one-off charity event or considering support on a longer term basis. Whatever you choose to do, we have experience of working with businesses of all sizes, from staff fundraising through to corporate sponsorship and are happy to work alongside you in whatever way you feel appropriate.

If you would like to know more about Martin House we would be happy to come along and visit your place of work to explain our work or send you an introductory pack of information if you would prefer. 

Choosing to partner with Martin House has numerous benefits:

  • Have fun whilst helping local children and families
  • Increased involvement in your community
  • Heighten public perception of your business across the region
  • Enjoy team building activities and give a boost to staff morale
  • Achieve your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objectives
  • Work with us on social media
  • Receive formal thanks and a certificate to show your employees and/or customers
  • An invitation to our Open Day
  • An opportunity to join our Business Club  
For further information please contact:

Polly Hale, Partnerships Manager

Lucy Pickford, Head of Fundraising

Alternatively, you can call our fundraising team on 01937 84459. 

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