Virtual Gifts

Gifts with a difference - purchase one of our virtual gifts as a present and you will not only be supporting the hospice, but you will also receive a card to pass to your friend or relative. We will endeavour to use your donation to help us provide the best possible service to our children, young people and their families. 

1. Choose the gift you want to send - You won’t receive the actual gift, but we will use the money you donate wherever the need is greatest.

2. We send a 'Thank You' card -  We will send you a thank you card to give to your friend, which lets them know that the gift you purchased has helped Martin House Children’s Hospice.
3. Gift it to a friend - Your friend will know that their gift has helped our children and their families.

Please note: As we are promoting the lottery and raffle on our site, all online purchases using a credit card are currently being treated as gambling transactions by the banks. This means that you will be charged a £3 fee by your bank if paying by credit card and start being charged interest from the date of your transaction. We are currently working with Worldpay, the card processing company, to rectify this problem to ensure that supporters who are not gambling will not receive these erroneous charges.

In the meantime, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE DEBIT CARDS ONLY for your online donations and purchases, so that these charges are not applied. We hope to have this issue resolved very soon.