Our Lottery Recruitment Team

We have a specialist external team working for us who are out and about in the community, recruiting players for the Martin House Lottery.

You may see our team members in residential areas, at events within the community or in and around community areas. 

All team members wear Martin House branded clothing and carry an ID badge at all times. 

Please do not hesitate to contact our Fundraising Team on 01937 844569 with any queries you may have about the Martin House Lottery. 

Our current team is below!

EC-1.png     EC-2.png
          Samantha Winstanley                               Sarah Bradbury

EC-3.png     EC-4.png
              Graham Whiteley                                Malcolm Kendall

EC-5.png     EC-6.png
                Denis Wilson                                     Chris Backhouse

                Qasim Abbas