Selby Shop

Our Selby shop is located at:

68 Gowthorpe
North Yorkshire

Telephone Number: 01757 212900

Lockdown Update
In line with the Government’s new Coronavirus guidelines that take effect from 5th November across England, we’ll be closing our Martin House shops until Wednesday 2nd December. On behalf of our shop teams, we’d like to wish you all well during this period, and we look forward to welcoming you back into our stores again soon.

As of Thursday 5th November, we will be temporarily unable to accept donations to our shops or our warehouse until 2nd December. Please do not leave items outside of our shops or our warehouse while we are closed.


Our spacious Selby shop is situated at the end of Gowthorpe, with plenty of room to browse. 

As well as the usual charity shop stock you will find a large selection of small electrical appliances, all of which have been PAT tested. 

This shop is always looking for new volunteers to help with the large amount of stock that is donated, so please call in and talk to our manager Carol if you could spare a few hours each week.