Five fun ways you can fundraise for Martin House while in isolation

06 April 2020
April at Martin House would typically see our hospice full with families, spending time together, enjoying the gardens and our new woodland hide away, or taking part in music, art or sensory sessions, with parents and loved ones taking perhaps their first break in months. At the moment, however, things are much, much quieter here. We continue to give round-the-clock support and reassurance to our families who are staying safe at home, we remain open to the families who need us most for end of life care and symptom control, our bereaved families are being supported through telephone and video calls as best we can and we’re working out in the community to prevent hospital admissions wherever possible.
But, while Covid-19 keeps most of us inside and finds Martin House and our supporters postponing or cancelling a number of fundraising events, our ability to raise the money needed for our services is suffering. And yet, in true Martin House style so many of you are coming up with (quite frankly) ingenious ways to keep donating – and we are loving it! So, if you’re wondering how on earth you can possible still help, here are a five fun ways you can continue to support and fundraise for Martin House from the comfort of your own homes:
  1. Hold a quarantine quiz
Holding a quiz is a brilliant way to raise money for Martin House at the best of times and now supporter Ben, with his Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes, is showing us how to take it virtual during self-isolation!
Once you’ve set a date and time for your quiz, ask people to give a small donation to take part. You can do this by collecting the money directly through online services like Paypal or by setting up a Just Giving page (particularly handy if you’re planning on doing a series of quizzes). You can go down the traditional route of becoming your own quiz master and reading out questions for people to submit later on or you can create an online quiz using apps like Kahoot!, where people can score additional points for answering fast as well as correctly. But for both options we thoroughly recommend hosting your quiz on video chat so that everyone can get together and interact (like the good old days). It’s fun, social, easy to do AND it works for the competitors among us too.
  1. Share your skills!
Maybe you know a thing or two about yoga, or maybe you’ve been a master knitter for years? Perhaps you’re really, really good at baking? We’re all trying to make the most of being at home at the moment and with so many people turning to learning new skills to stay focused you could use your talent to fundraise for Martin House!
As soon as you know what it is you’re going to share (let’s take sewing, for example) tell your friends and family when and how often you’ll be teaching, what equipment they’ll need and what you’ll be creating together each week. You could even go so far as to advertise your ‘class’ on Facebook. Ask each attendee to make a small donation of £5 for every virtual meet-up, again either by sending you the money directly via sites like Paypal or by setting up a Just Giving page. Then, set-up your video chat, make a cup of tea and get ready to create together! It’s a great way to support a good cause, learn something new, stay in touch with friends and potentially make new ones!
  1. Cycle from Lands’ End to John O’Groats?
We know what you’re thinking: cycling from Lands’ End to John O’Groats to fundraise for Martin House doesn’t sound like essential travel, right? But supporters Will and Steph have come up with the brilliant idea of cycling the 1,407km distance from their living room!
If, like Will and Steph, you have an exercise bike, rowing machine or treadmill at home consider asking people to sponsor you for 10ks, indoor marathons or even an indoor triathlon.
You can support Will and Steph’s epic journey through their Just Giving page.
  1. Have your own bingo night
Much like holding your own quiz, you can also hold your bingo nights. Bingo card templates are readily available on Google or you can draw your own.
Invite your family and friends to take part via Zoom and ask for a small donation to play. Just beware the two-pen player – there’s one in every family!
  1. Make an individual donation
And if none of these ideas float your boat you can still make an individual donation using our Just Giving page to help us keep caring for children and young people in Yorkshire.
If you are planning on holding a social isolating fundraising ‘event’ please do let us know what you’re getting up to by contacting or by tagging us on social media – we’re at @martinhousech on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn!