Charities in the Spotlight

14 July 2015
Some of our supporters may have heard concerns in the last few weeks about the fundraising methods used by some charities.  Martin House has always had a wonderful relationship with our many thousands of supporters and therefore felt we should reassure you of the following:
  • We never share our supporters’ details with any other charity or organisation (the exception being someone participating in an event such as the Great North Run, in which case we have to pass their details to the organisers).
  • We send two newsletters a year to our supporters, and occasionally other information we feel may interest them, taking great care to ensure they never feel ‘bombarded' by us.
  • We always give new supporters the option of going onto our mailing list or not and always give them the opportunity to say they no longer wish to hear from us.
  • We do not engage in door to door fundraising, nor telephone fundraising, nor street fundraising (apart from our wonderful volunteers who stand in the street with collection tins from time to time).
  • Several of our supporters choose not to receive raffle tickets from us and we always comply with these requests.
Martin House is a member of the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) and one of the requirements of our membership is that we monitor any complaints we may receive and complete an annual return to the FRSB.  We also comply with all the Institute of Fundraising Codes of Practice and in several areas we not only meet the required standards but exceed them.
If at any time you have any concerns at all, no matter how small, please contact the fundraising office on 01937 844569 or email  Thank you, as ever, for your very valuable support which is very much appreciated.