Martin House launches Great 'Giftar' appeal

01 May 2018
A new initiative has been launched to encourage people to support Martin House Hospice Care for Children and Young People during Ramadan.

The Great Giftar will take place throughout Ramadan, which runs from 15th May to 14th June this year and aims to encourage people to donate money to Martin House as part of their daily iftar – the breaking of the fast after dusk.

The idea is simply to organise a community or home iftar and ask friends and family to donate the equivalent sum of the day’s meal they normally would have eaten to Martin House.

All the simple meals – the iftars - that people hold to raise money for Martin House will make up ‘The Great Giftar’ – a month long event across the region.

Chris Verney, community fundraiser for Martin House, said: “This is about creating a movement, lots of little events taking place that go together to make something bigger. It’s about bringing people together and doing good at the same time.

“Some may raise £20, some may raise £100 – it doesn’t matter. I just want people to be thinking about Martin House and giving their support to us as part of their celebration of Ramadan.”

Giving to charity is an important aspect of the Muslim faith, and gifts to charity – called sadaqah – bring great reward, especially during Ramadan. People can organise a community iftar to support Martin House, or simply give donations from their regular iftars at home.

For more information about the Great Giftar, go to, contact Chris Verney at or call 01937 844569.