Community Bereavement Service Launched

23 September 2015
This month Martin House Children’s Hospice launches its Community Bereavement Service for families affected by the death of a child or young person with a life-limiting condition who have not previously accessed the hospice.

The service, which supports parents and other family members following the death of a child or young person, is open to families across North, West and East Yorkshire, and the Humber, and is free of charge. It offers families the opportunity to talk through the difficult feelings that arise following a child’s death from a life-limiting illness, and supports them to live with and manage their grief in a positive way.

Mark Clayton, Chaplain and Bereavement Team Coordinator at Martin House, explains:

“A child’s death is one of the most heart-breaking experiences that a family can ever go through. Grief is a natural response and some families do find their own ways of coping. Some, however, may benefit from additional support and someone who can listen in a different way. We can now offer this to families for whom hospice care may not have been suitable, but who have encountered the same experiences as many of those who have been supported by Martin House.

“We understand the challenges faced when caring for a life-limited child and this allows families to talk through their feelings with someone who is both impartial and informed. Support will be tailored to individual needs, whether this is a phone call or a one-to-one session, and arrangements can be made to support families wherever in the region they live.”

Individuals can refer themselves to the Community Bereavement Service up to two years after the death of a child, with each referral considered on an individual basis. The service can accept referrals that relate to the death of life-limited children ranging from babies diagnosed antenatally to young adults up to the age of 25. Professionals are also welcome to refer, provided they have the full consent of the family.

To discuss a referral, contact 01937 845045 or email