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2013 Christmas Cards

To view our Christmas card selection a little more clearly before making your mind up, please click here to open up a virtual book.

Deliveries before Christmas cannot be guaranteed on orders placed after 3rd December.

01 Checking the List01 Checking the List£3.50 Add to Basket
02 Stag02 Stag£3.50 Add to Basket
05 Christmas Adventures05 Christmas Adventures£3.50 Add to Basket
06 Winter Scenes06 Winter Scenes£3.50 Add to Basket
08 Journey to Bethlehem08 Journey to Bethlehem£3.50 Add to Basket
15 In A Pear Tree15 In A Pear Tree£3.50 Add to Basket
17 Contemporary House17 Contemporary House£3.50 Add to Basket
P12 Children's NativityP12 Children's Nativity£3.50 Add to Basket
18 Virtual Festive Meal18 Virtual Festive Meal£5.00 Add to Basket
Pay for a homemade, nutritious & delicious meal
19 Virtual Panto19 Virtual Panto£12.00 Add to Basket
Pay for a child to attend the pantomime
20 Virtual Jacuzzi Spa Session20 Virtual Jacuzzi Spa Session£25.00 Add to Basket
Make this gift of a wonderful session in our jacuzzi
21 Star Badge21 Star Badge£1.50 Add to Basket
22 Recipe Book22 Recipe Book£6.50£1.00Add to Basket
23 Christmas Marty Bear23 Christmas Marty Bear£5.00£2.50Add to Basket
24 Marty Bear Sticker Book24 Marty Bear Sticker Book£3.00£0.75Add to Basket
BBC Radio York Christmas CDBBC Radio York Christmas CD£6.00£1.50Add to Basket
Various Artists
25 Book - A Place To Be25 Book - A Place To Be£6.00£1.50Add to Basket
By Dr. Jan Aldridge - The story of the development and day-to-day life of one of the world's first children's hospices; told in words and pictures by representatives of the team, children and families.