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What Martin House Offers

The role of Martin House is to complement home life and to complement and augment hospital and community care. We do this within a philosophy of holistic care, being aware of medical needs, social, emotional and psychological needs, and spiritual support.

If a child has a life limiting condition, which means the child is not expected to live beyond young adulthood, then a referral to Martin House may be appropriate. A child can be referred at any age up to 19 years old. Referrals can be made at anytime following diagnosis. There is no cost to any of the families using our services. A referral can be made by anyone including the family. Confirmation of the child's condition is sought from the child's consultant and GP. If it is thought Martin House may be able to provide appropriate help and support then there are many ways in which a child and family may wish to use Martin House.

A home visit is offered from the community team to explain the services to a family once accepted.

In House Stays
Short planned stays are offered to the child/young person and family at intervals throughout the year. During these stays there is the opportunity to discuss any clinical or non clinical issues with the care team or the doctors. Sometimes children and families require an unplanned emergency stay, perhaps due to a family crisis. Wherever possible we try to accommodate these.

At times the child or young person may come to Martin House when new symptoms develop or existing symptoms need reviewing.

Families may choose to stay at Martin House at the end of their child's life. The care team can support the family physically and emotionally during this time.

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Following the death of their child, families may chose to stay with their child at Martin House until the funeral.

Bereavement Care
Bereavement support is offered to families often for two to three years after their child's death. Siblings can be supported at Sibling Groups.

Community Care
The care and support that is offered at Martin House can also be given at home if that is where the child or young person and their family would like to be for some or all of the time. We work in partnership with other agencies involved in supporting the child/young person and family at home.

In between visits, regular contact is maintained with the family by members of the care team.